Climate change: a simple guide

It’s easy to get confused about climate change when the endless headlines are as numbing as the endless inter-governmental meetings. What’s the real story?

Are there ethics in business?

There are almost no useful market-based solutions to global warming because there is no profit in doing what’s necessary.

Why carbon pricing doesn’t work

It seems obvious. Put a price on carbon and ka-pow! the market will solve the climate problem. As the price rises, demand will fall. But this approach doesn’t work

Climate people! There is no net zero!

Just as you can’t offset a 20-a-day smoking habit with 20 minutes on a treadmill, you can’t cancel 40+ Gt of CO2 emissions each year by planting a few saplings next week.

Risky as houses

Climate change will make long term property investments increasingly risky in many parts of the world. Prices will become more volatile and much harder to predict.

Wrong beliefs, nos 2 and 5

Economic growth doesn’t create jobs and environmental limits are closer than you think. Two short articles from the 40 wrong-beliefs series.