A chicken can’t lay a duck egg

To secure humanity’s future, vast swathes of the current economic system have to be dismantled. Until recently, that was thought impossible. Covid-19 proves this wrong. It IS possible to shut polluting industries and pay people during a transition. A sustainable future is finally within our grasp.

This cry from the heart from two top policy insiders is a must read!Hazel Henderson, futurist and an economic iconoclast.

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Download the factsheet from the book.

Change! Why we need a radical turnaround

The free English edition of Graeme Maxton’s best-seller, originally published in German

It is the defining battle of the 21st century and no Hollywood hero is coming to save us. In this radical and easy-to-read book the former Secretary General of the Club of Rome presents his manifesto for economic and social change. He shows how humanity can build a 20-year bridge to a better world. No matter what it costs, there is no option but change. Download the one page summary To do List or the proposals for change from his 2020 book Global Climate Emergency (also published in German).

Published by Komplett-Media 2018, in German. Change is also available in Slovak.

If you simply want to understand the climate problem, read the section “Waiting for nature to catch up”

Read or download the pdf version in English here.

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Reinventing prosperity: Managing economic growth to reduce employment, inequality and climate change

“The world faces a number of monumental challenges, ranging from persistent inequality and the ageing of population to climate change and the rise of the robot. In this innovative, accessible, and persuasive book, Maxton and Randers show that we don’t need revolutionary changes to meet these challenges. They tell us how big changes can be – indeed, can only be – achieved through a set of reforms that are moderate enough to be politically feasible in the short run. An essential guide to those who want to change the world for the better – and for certain.”

Ha-Joon Chang, Faculty of Economics, University of Cambridge

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The End of Progress: How modern economics has failed us

Nominated for the Financial Times Best Book About Business Award

As Graeme Maxton’s important and entertaining book demonstrates, modern economic theory contains fundamental errors which any intelligent child could spot. This is not just an academic problem; we’ve left economists to run the world – and the planet is careening towards disaster as a result. Graeme Maxton is one of the first observers to note that world economic growth has reached hard limits. We ignore this shattering news at our peril. But if we can rid modern economic theory of a few fundamental and obvious errors, the a transition to a sustainable and satisfactory new economy is entirely feasible. The End of Progress is a vitally important and highly readable book – read it and have your eyes opened!

The book has been published in German, where it was a Spiegel Top 20 bestseller, Romanian, Traditional Chinese and Czech.

Time for a model change: Re-engineering the global automotive industry

Cambridge University Press feature book of the year

A powerful diagnosis and an imaginative blueprint for reform. The industry and everyone who depends on it would do well to take notice.” Sir Geoffrey Owen, London School of Economics

A must-read for everyone in the automotive industry.” Ratan Tata, Chairman, Tata Sons

Written with Dr John Wormald.