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A Chicken can’t lay a duck egg: How covid-19 can solve the climate crisis

Chapter 1 Never waste a crisis

As with many diseases which have crossed from other species to humans in recent decades Covid-19 is the result of humankind’s disrespect for nature. Curiously, the coronavirus also offers the chance for change, to fix societies and make them more sustainable.

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Chapter 2 Enlightening and frightening

It is easy to get confused about climate change. So buckle up, to find out what’s really happening and understand why almost everything societies are doing to fix it will fail.

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Chapter 3 What stops societies changing?

What stops societies responding as they should? The biggest problem is the way we think about the world.

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Chapter 4 Did you vote for this?

Our greatly-cherished democratic systems are a hurdle when it comes to a problem as large and urgent as climate change. Partly, this is because they have been corrupted by big corporates and the rich. Another problem is fake news. Both make it hard for people to understand what’s really happening.

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Chapter 5 On the need to rethink everything

If our economic, democratic and political systems had been working we wouldn’t have got into this mess. Societies need radical reform. We need to change our ideas about right and wrong, and the meaning of progress. We need to change the way we relate to nature and each other.

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