Does Net Zero slow the pace of climate change?

Net Zero has become the default climate setting. Most countries plan to achieve Net Zero by 2050. But this won’t work, for three reasons: it’s too late, we don’t have the technology to achieve it, and it solves the wrong problem. Today’s emissions of greenhouse gases are not the main challenge.

Why do small changes in the global temperature matter?

Why do scientists make such a fuss about a 1ºC or 2ºC increase in average global temperatures? Even at the equator the temperature changes much more each day. In some places the difference between night and day can be 30ºC or more. Why all the alarm bells? To answer this question, we need to look back 65 million years.

Subtitles in English.

Graeme Maxton is interviewed about his book Change! on SRF Sternstunde Philosophy Program.

He talks about climate change as well as the current economic system.

In English and German. One hour. The original German edition has more than 500,000 views on Youtube.


Teaching business ethics is a waste of time

From the series “20 Widely held beliefs that are mostly wrong”

Number 21: Business and ethics don’t mix.